STS Peter & Paul School

370 E End Ave
Beaver, PA 15009
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Advisory Committee

In striving to create schools which exhibit both excellence in every area of curriculum and a strong, vibrant Catholic identity, the Diocese of Pittsburgh recognizes the value of School Advisory Councils.  By drawing upon the expertise of the larger community and building partnerships with interested persons, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School will reap a wealth of benefits from the consultation given by a School Advisory Council.  School Advisory Councils can play a critical role in offering assistance, advice and support to the Principal.

The School Advisory Council of Saints Peter and Paul Parish is a body whose members are selected or elected through a process determined by the Pastor and who are expected to participate in offering expertise and assistance in designated areas of responsibility to the Principal.  School Advisory Councils do not have the power to enact policy, but exist to offer advice, guidance, and support to the Principal in specific areas as requested by the Pastor and Principal.  Such advice and assistance are especially encouraged in the areas of public relations, student retention and recruitment, fundraising and development, and the strengthening of parental and community support for the school.  The Principal is responsible for the operation of the school and its programs and he or she is accountable solely to the Pastor.