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Why Making a Difference is so Important

Supporting Catholic education is a monumental task.  The Diocese of Pittsburgh has established guidelines for all parishes and schools to follow so that Catholic schools are viable, sustainable institutions.  With rising costs of health care, utilities, and payroll and lower enrollment numbers, Catholic schools are facing new challenges.

The most difficult challenge is keeping the cost of tuition low.  With the current economy families are struggling to pay the tuition fees.  With this said, clergy and administrators are devising ways that can subsidize tuition costs to make them more affordable for the families.

This is where our alumni, parishioners, friends and corporations come into play.  We ask that you review the different ways that you may be able to help a family lower their tuition cost per month.  If you wish to assist a family with tuition, please contact us at 724-774-4450 and we will discuss your options.  Thank you.

Opportunities to Make a Difference

One of the reasons why Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School continues to grow stronger and more highly regarded every year is because of the volunteer and financial support they receive from current parents, past parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends. It is impossible to name the countless ways our supporters give–in both small and large ways–that have an enormous and lasting impact. Whether through volunteerism or financial support–we are grateful that the tradition of generosity and commitment continues, enriching the school and our students.

Ways to Give

There are a variety of ways to make a difference in the lives of Saints Peter & Paul families.

Sponsor a Student

Catholic schools are places where faith, education and values unite in the most unique ways. We, the faculty and staff of SSPP, believe that this is the best formula for success in life. Students are taught the morals and ethics required to make good decisions in their lives today and in the future. They are also taught a strong academic foundation that they can use throughout their lives. The Sponsor a Student program will provide tuition assistance to families who may otherwise not be able to send their children to Catholic schools. We ask you as Catholics for your financial help in providing Catholic students the benefits that a faith based education provides. Would you consider making a gift on behalf of those families and students who are in need of financial assistance? Please call us at 724-774-4450 and we will assist you in sponsoring a student.

Memorial and Honor Gifts

You may want to remember someone who is living (honor) or deceased (memorial) with a special gift to Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School. We will acknowledge all gifts, and will notify the family of the person to be memorialized, or the person to be honored.

Planned Giving and Estate Options Including a Provision in your Will or Revocable Trust

Estate planning is necessary to ensure that your assets pass during life or at your death to your intended beneficiaries in such amounts and at such times as will achieve your objectives while minimizing taxes. When making any estate plans, a qualified estate planning professional should advise you. A representative of the Saints Peter & Paul School community would be happy to discuss any options without obligation.

Saints Peter & Paul Catholic  School will recognize individuals and/or couples who have included us in their estate plans. Getting recognized by SSPP is as easy as notifying us that you are planning to leave part of your estate to benefit SSPP.  Declaring  Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School a Beneficiary under a Life Insurance Policy, Pension Plan, IRA or Other Retirement Vehicle is a wonderful way to help the school.

Matching Gifts

Corporations across the nation match gifts to schools, meaning your gift to SSPP could be doubled and sometimes even tripled. Please check with your human resources department to see if your employer matches gifts. It is often as simple as filling out a form and sending it to us.

Annual Fund

You can ensure the advancement of our mission by making Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School a charitable priority in your life through a gift to our Annual Fund. Such gifts are renewable and unrestricted, helping to benefit each SSPP student. These funds help bridge the gap between our tuition price and the actual per pupil cost of education. This reduced tuition eases the burden on families who would like to give their children the opportunity to attend a Catholic school and allows us to continue offering the best educational experience. Such an experience blends a strong academic curriculum with spirituality and character formation. With your help, our Annual Fund will grow through the years and greatly benefit future Holy Saints Peter & Paul School students. Any gift you can give is a wonderful way to express your support for our school.

We assure you that Saints Peter & Paul School plans to continue our tradition of uniting faith, education and values to prepare students for their academic futures and prepare them to live a life proud of the moral foundation they learned here. Thank you in advance for your gift and continued support.