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FACTS Application

Bishop’ Education Fund & Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship

All parents who wish to be considered for grants from the Bishop’s Education Fund/Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship must again have their needs assessed by FACTS, a company which specializes in evaluating the need of families attending private elementary and secondary schools.

Parents are asked to submit a completed application with their pastor’s signature, a copy of their tax return, and a  per family application fee.  Forms are due to FACTS by March 15th.  Incomplete forms will be returned to you.

Parents must have the pastor sign their form, verifying that they are Catholic, prior to sending it for evaluation.  As the form notes, parents may ask the pastor to sign a partially completed form which does not contain their financial information.  A pastor’s signature only confirms that the family is indeed Catholic, based on the appropriate canonical criteria.  Signing the form does not commit a parish to financial obligation for aid.

The Signed application must be sent directly to FACTS as indicated on the application form.  A check in the required amount made out to FACTS must be included with the form.  This is standard procedure for a needs assessment service.

Any form received after the March 15th deadline will risk not receiving scholarship monies.

Even though a family might have children at both the elementary and secondary level, only one application is necessary.   Parents may leave the tuition information blank for children attending a Diocesan Catholic school.  If children attend any other schools charging tuition, however, they should fill in that rate.  Our tuition rates will be communicated directly to PSAS.

Any family may apply.  Awards depend on a number of factors (i.e., income, tuition rates, need of other families, etc.).  PSAS will evaluate any properly submitted applications.

If you have specific questions, please contact the Department of Catholic Schools at 421-456-3090.

The upcoming school year will be the 21st year that grants from the Bishop’s Educational Fund will be distributed.  This program is for all Catholic students attending eligible schools and registered in eligible parishes.  The fund is expected to award about $700,000 for the new school year.

This will be the 12th year that grants from the Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship will be distributed.  This grant program is open to any student, Catholic or non-Catholic, residing in Pennsylvania and attending an eligible Catholic school in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

All parents applying for either grant must have their needs assessed by FACTS, a company  that specializes in evaluating financial needs.  Parents must submit a copy of their federal tax return, state tax return (if applying to SOS), a completed current “Student Aid Form” (with their pastors’ signature if applying to BEF), and the application fee (see link below).  All forms are due no later than March 15th.  Incomplete forms will be on hold until all information is received and you may risk losing the funds available to those who are on time with their completed application.

I strongly encourage you to apply for either or both of the above available grants.  All information is confidential.  If you fall within the guidelines, please proceed with the application.

Only one application per family is needed.

All information needed to apply for aid, including the link to the FACTS online application, is on the diocesan website under the “Catholic Education” tab. The direct link to post on your own website and share with families is:


Again, the needed documentation for complete application is:

•              FACTS application form completely filled out

•              Pastor’s signature (if applying for the Bishop’s Educational Fund only)

•              Federal tax return of previous year

•              State tax return of previous year (if applying for the SOS grant)

•              Application fee

•              All information is due no later than March 15th


Awards will be sent home during the month of June(mid-late)  If you receive a grant, the money will be deducted from the overall tuition amount.  This will reduce your monthly payment.

Again, please apply if you fall within the guidelines.