STS Peter & Paul School

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Beaver, PA 15009
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Financial Information

Dear Families of SSPP,

The diocese of Pittsburgh offers tuition aid to qualifying families through the Bishop’s Education Fund and the EITC program.

All parents applying for either grant must have their needs assessed by FACTS, a company who specializes in evaluating financial needs.  Parents must submit a copy of their federal tax return, state tax return if applying to SOS, a completed current “Student Aid Form” (with their pastors’ signature if applying to BEF), and a small application fee.  All forms are due no later than *March 15th.  Incomplete forms will be on hold until all information is received and you may risk losing the funds available to those who are on time with their completed application.

I strongly encourage you to apply for either or both of the above available grants.  All information is confidential.  If you fall within the guidelines, please proceed with the application

Only one application per family is needed.

The direct link is:

Again, the needed documentation for complete application is:

•              FACTS application form completely filled out

•              Pastor’s signature (if applying for the Bishop’s Educational Fund only)

•              Federal tax return of previous year

•              State tax return of previous year (if applying for the SOS Scholarship)

•              Application fee

•              All information is due no later than *March 15th

  •  New families enrolling can still apply but monies my be limited after June 1st.

For new families coming into our school, the form can be requested in person or by calling the school office at 724-774-4450. 

Awards will be sent home during the month of June.  If you receive a grant, the money will be deducted from the overall tuition amount.  This will reduce your monthly payment.

Again, please apply if you fall within the guidelines.

Thank You,

Cindy Baldrige