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Iowa Standardized Assessments (Grades Two through Eight)

The Iowa Standardized Assessment is a test designed to measure achievement in the basic skills taught in schools throughout the nation and at Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School.  The subject areas measured are Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

The Iowa Test is a nationally recognized test used by both public and parochial schools.  The main purpose of using a standardized testing program is to provide our school with information which will strengthen programs to help our students learn.  The Iowa results indicate student performance and mastery of specific content objectives as compared to students of their own age and grade level across the nation.  Although a standardized test is generally a good indicator of how each student performs, it is not the only means used to assess performance.  Each child must be viewed as a total student within any learning situation.

The Iowa test is a norm-referenced test, published and standardized by CTB McGraw Hill publishers, based on specific criteria/objectives to be mastered by students at particular grade levels.

The testing period is determined by the central office and generally is given during the month of September.  Parents are urged to consult the school calendar in scheduling vacations and time out of school in order to avoid any absences during this important activity.



Assessment of Catholic Religious Education– (Grades Five and Eight)

The ACRE Exam measures students’ knowledge about the Catholic faith, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and practices.  Scores on this test are determined by what percentile the students place compared to Catholic school peers on the same level of the exam.  Fifth grade students take the Level 1 exam and Eighth grade students take the Level 2 exam.  Scores below the 64th suggest improvement is needed, scores between the 64th and 86th percentile reflect proficiency, and scores above 86th percentile indicate advanced knowledge.

The test provides information regarding our students’ understanding and living of their faith. Students in grades Five and Eight are tested in early spring of each school year. For more complete information, visit this web link:

Check out test taking tips on line: