STS Peter & Paul School

370 E End Ave
Beaver, PA 15009
(724) 774-4450

Curriculum Overview

Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School offers a strong traditional and faith based curriculum. In the “Continuous Growth Program” of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, students advance through a defined curriculum according to their individual needs and abilities. In addition to meeting all the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the curriculum gives special attention to the integration of Gospel values.

Our school is located within the Diocese of Pittsburgh and is committed to a program of education that seeks knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith, academic excellence, moral courage, and the learning of the faith in the light of social teachings of the Church.

Curriculum guidelines for all subject areas are utilized by the Catholic elementary schools and provided through the Department for Catholic Schools. The guidelines give continuity to the teaching/learning process, and are geared to meet the individual needs of students.

All textbooks have been selected from the list of recommended texts devised by the curriculum coordinators of the Diocese. They are approved because the philosophy is consistent with the Catholic philosophy of education, the subject matter is adaptable to the Continuous Growth Program, and there is sequential, consistent development of material.

In addition, SSPP offers an Algebra curriculum taught by a secondary Algebra teacher.  We offer the Pre-Algebra in the second semester of sixth grade, so students are able to have a full year of Algebra during their eighth grade year and possibly move into Algebra 2 or Geometry during their freshman year in high school.