A Message from Father Bob







October 15, 2017

Dear Parishioners,


When the “On Mission” changes happen, one of the first things to be reformed will be the Mass schedule. The Canon Law of the Church is going to be enforced, that a priest may have no more than 3 Masses for a Sunday. This includes Saturday Vigil.  Of course, there will be emergency exceptions for sickness and death, but I, for instance, will not be permitted to do 5 Masses, as sometimes happens. The formula will go like this: number of priests within a grouping x 3 = total Masses for that grouping which will be spread over the number of churches in that group. So please start to prepare yourself for the adjustments we will all have to make.


Thank you so much for the great charity you have shown for the Hurricane Relief collections. With some envelopes still coming in, the total for both is $13,186.95. This total includes checks made out directly to the Diocese of Pittsburgh.


Thanks to everyone who patronized the Fall Festival last week. It is a very nice event and really helps the PTG meet their fundraising quota. All the money the PTG raises eases the financial responsibility of the parish. It’s a win-win for everyone.  Thanks to all!

Fr. Bob




October 08, 2017

Dear Parishioners,

I’m sure you are aware that at Sunday Mass the ushers are counting heads. This is the annual “October Count”. The October Mass attendance figures have always been the basis for other Parish statistics. This year, however, there is a change. The count is going to continue through April, including Holy days and holidays.  This will help the planners of “On Mission” to determine how many Masses are needed in each church.


There is an insert this week about the “On Mission Timeline” and what is and is not happening and when it will take place.


Please don’t forget to pray the Rosary in this month of October, especially if it’s not a normal part of your prayer.  As announced, there is going to be an outdoor Rosary Rally on  Saturday,  October  14, at noon on the Third Street side of the church. All are welcome.


The gymnasium roof project is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Monday, October 9. Sorry for the dust and dirt, but literally, the rain is coming thru the ceiling.

Fr. Bob























October 01, 2017

Dear Parishioners,


This is the first day of a new month!  October is one of the most beautiful months to live in Pennsylvania.  May you see the glory of God all around you.


October is the month of the Rosary. I encourage you to pick up your beads or use your fingers (as my Dad did). The Rosary is a powerful and practical prayer—Great to do while driving! Another nice way to pray the Rosary  is  with  the  television. EWTN carries a variety of  versions throughout the day:  7:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 3:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.  These are  very helpful, if  you’re laid-up, trust me.   By the way, the annual Rosary Crusade is Saturday, October  14  at noon. See details  in this bulletin.


As you know, your former Parochial Vicar, Fr. Paul Grunebach, died last week, very suddenly. What a blessing that he came back for our Feast Day on June 29th.  He was so happy to come and deeply touched by  the welcome he received.  Thank  you for that.


Speaking of thanks, your generosity for the Texas hurricane victims was astounding. Now we are asking for your generosity again for the Caribbean and Florida hurricane relief. That collection will be next Sunday, October 7 and 8. Like the other collection, envelopes marked SPECIAL COLLECTION will be in each pew and they can be placed in the basket.


I have something very sad to share with you. Our Music Director, Ginny Ambrose, has been offered a position in her home parish, which she has decided to accept. Who could blame her? – walking to work compared to driving an hour through construction! In one short year, she has been a great blessing to our Parish and her loss will be deeply felt. However, the same Lord who led Ginny here will lead someone else. We won’t say “good-bye” to Ginny just yet, but you all need to know this is happening. I am pursuing a few leads already.


S.A.M. (Substance Addiction Ministry) is encouraging us to pray the Mary,  Undoer  of  Knots  devotion in the month  of October. We’ve done this devotion before and it was liked very much. Her picture and the booklets will be in front of the  pulpit.

Blessing of the Animals will be Wednesday, October 4th at 2 p.m. in the back of the school and 6 p.m. outside of the church.      

Fr. Bob



September 24, 2017

Dear Parishioners,


Perhaps you read this in the Pittsburgh Catholic! The large study groups known as the “On Mission Conversion” has made its formal recommendations to the Bishop for the reorganization of parishes. Our recommendation remains the same: St. Cecilia, St. Felix, Holy Family and Saints Peter and Paul.  The Bishop will review all this and after Easter, will make the final announcement along with clergy assignments. Individual meetings have begun with all Priests and Deacons to discuss possible reassignments.


Congratulations to Mike and Judy Deelo who are receiving the “Manifesting the Kingdom Award” today  at St. Paul Cathedral.


This Wednesday evening, September 27, Fr. Bill Kiel is coming for a special Mass focused on God’s healing.  All are welcome.

Fr. Bob


September 17, 2017

Dear Parishioners,

This is Catechetical Sunday throughout our Diocese. It marks the beginning of our Religious Education programs on all levels. We also give thanks for the many volunteers who give so much of their  time and energy to pass the faith on to others, but please remember that responsibility belongs to all of us. We ALL give witness to the truth and power of our faith by how we act, speak and treat others. The “classroom” is clinical, but it’s not the only way that faith is or is not formed.

We’ve been given permission by the Diocese to begin the roofing project for our gymnasium. That should be starting this week, so I apologize for any dust, noise or inconvenience. The money is coming from two sources: school savings for a new roof and from our On Mission Financial Campaign. The total for the roof is $105,625.

I am very happy to announce two different awards that will be given to parishioners this Fall.

The “Manifesting the Kingdom Award” is a diocesan-level award given to an individual or a couple in recognition of their commitment to service and the spiritual life of the parish. This year the award is being given at our Cathedral by Bishop Zubik on Sunday, September 24.   Our recipients will be Judy and Mike Deelo.

The “Father Marcus O’Brien Award” is an annual award given for outstanding service to the local parish. The award is given by Catholic Charities of Beaver County and will be held on Sunday, October 29 (details to follow). Our recipient this year is our long-time “Head Usher”, George Harris.

Congratulations to George, Judy and Mike! May God bless them and all the many faithful volunteers of this and every parish.

Fr. Bob


St. Cecilia – Rochester

628  Virginia Avenue

Mass Schedule:

Saturday – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday – 7:30 a.m. and 9:15 a.m.

Weekdays –  Monday and Wednesday – 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 8:00 a.m.

Reconciliation: Saturdays – noon to 1:00 p.m.


St. Felix – Freedom

450  13th Street

Mass Schedule: Saturday – 4:00 p.m. Sunday – 11:00 a.m.

Weekdays – Monday thru Thursday – 9:00 a.m.


Holy Family – New Brighton

1851 Third Avenue

Saturday – 4:30 p.m.

Sunday – 9:00 a.m. and  11:30 a.m.

Weekdays – Monday – Friday – 8:00 a.m.

Reconciliation: Saturdays – 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.



Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in you we contemplate the splendor of true love, to you we turn with trust. Holy Family of Nazareth, grant that our families, too, may be places of communion and prayer, authentic schools of the Gospel, and small domestic Churches. Holy Family of Nazareth, may families never again experience violence, rejection, and division: may all who have been hurt or scandalized find ready comfort and healing.

In a world which daily discards tons of food and medicine, there are children, hungry and suffering from easily curable diseases, who cry out in vain. In an age which insists on the protection of minors, there is a flourishing trade in weapons which end up in the hands of child soldiers; there is a ready market for goods produced by the slave labor of small children. Their cry is stifled: the cry of these children is stifled! They must fight, they must work, they cannot cry! But their mothers cry for them, as modern-day Rachel’s: they weep for their children, and they refuse to be consoled (cf. Mt 2:18).



Every adult has the right to decide how his or her assets should be distributed at death. Regardless of how much you might own, it is your right and responsibility to determine how your remaining assets should be distributed.

Without a will, the intestacy statutes of the state of your residence at the time of your death will determine how your assets are distributed.

  • A will is a legal document that instructs:

  • How your assets should be distributed among your spouse and other loved ones at your death;

  • Who will care for your minor children in your absence;

  • Who will safeguard your property and oversee the distribution of your assets;

  • Distribution of charitable gifts to Saints Peter and Paul Parish, providing a witness to your loved ones about the importance of your faith and the church in your life.

A will should always be prepared by an attorney licensed in the state of your residence. Your attorney will need to be familiar with your financial circumstances, family situation and your wishes. Your attorney may wish to work closely with your financial advisor or tax preparer. Advice from an attorney and other professional advisors should be sought when considering any form of charitable giving so as to maximize the value of the gift and minimize tax consequences to your estate.

Submitted by:

Stephanie Thomas Kramer