Health Ministry



 DECEMBER 25, 2016



A light makes things visible to us. It exposes that which we cannot see in the darkness. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, was and remains the brightest light given to us by our Creator.

Jesus walked this earth and experienced human suffering to show us how we can face the many challenges of our humanness. These challenges can be overwhelming and seem insurmountable, yet can pale in comparison to His. Addiction, chronic disease, cancer, loss and grief, spiritual darkness, anxiety and depression and even the expected and annoying issues associated with the normal aging process can dim the light for those who suffer. At the same time, He gives  us the light of hope from new advances in medical treatments and surgical interventions including, but not limited to, the gifts of organ donation and advancements in managing successful transplantation.

Yet the flicker of His Light can be shared by anyone! The gifts of compassion, kindness, prayer, service and time are welcomed lights by those who are facing health challenges.

His Light was that of peace and love both of which many long for during times of illness, darkness and sadness. This Christmas season, consider becoming a gift of light to all those whose lives you touch and enjoy the many wonderful health benefits you will receive in return. Should you be in need of assistance with your light, please reach out to your parish family. There are many who have been called to serve and are here for you.

May the light of this blessed season remain in your hearts and throughout the New Year.


Merry Christmas, Joyce Matsko, RN Parish Nurse



What is a Faith Community Nurse?

A Faith Community Nurse is a licensed registered nurse who uses their professional skills to bridge today’s worlds of medicine and religion. The American Nurses Association recognizes Faith Community Nursing (also known as Parish nursing) as a specialty practice.

A FCN is available (at no cost to a parishioner) to assist with a variety of health-related situations:

  • Provides individual health counseling related to health maintenance, disease prevention or illness .

*        Assists individuals and families in making decisions regarding their health, medical services, treatments and care facilities.

*        Explains medical terminology so the individual better understands their illness, upcoming diagnostic tests, prescription instructions, hospital discharge instructions, etc.

*        Provides assistance with interpreting medical billing and health care insurances.

*        Provides referrals to doctors, social agencies, and community resources helping individuals obtain needed health services.

*        Assist individuals with navigating the health care system.

*        Conducts health events such as blood pressure screenings and other health assessments.

  • Identifies opportunities to enhance the understanding of the relationship of faith and health.

  • Makes visits to parishioners (when requested) providing health counseling, education and spiritual presence and support.

  • Prepares, develops and/or coordinates educational programs based on identified needs for healthier lifestyles, early illness detection and health resources.

*        Provides information on health topics in the bulletin, group presentations, and one-on-one visits.

*        Coordinates support groups.

*        Identifies available support groups in the community for individuals, as needed.

  • Works closely with Social Minister recruiting, coordinating and training volunteers to help those in need.


Joyce Matsko, Parish Nurse           Nora Stay, Health Minister