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music ministry


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Our Roman Catholic choral program is a vibrant part of the parish. The cantors, choirs, instrumentalists offer music from chant, Tallis, Byrd, Bach through contemporary composers such as Rutter, Haas and Walker. Our music program offers instruction for all ages. The program is based on the curriculum of the Royal School of Church Music. The curriculum builds the foundations of  good vocal  production,  music  theory,  sight-singing,  and  diction.  The most important group of singers in this parish is the congregation. The full, active participation by the congregation is the primary “choir” of the parish.

The Cantors lead the music ministry at every Mass that is sung. This includes the Parish School Mass, weddings and funerals. Each cantor has a weekly private rehearsal to prepare for their ministry. Cantors may be from the 4th Grade to adults.

The Contemporary Ministry provides a wonderful opportunity to experience a variety of contemporary music. Vocalists and musicians with a variety of musical instruments combine to create a  contemporary setting for our hymns during Mass. The ensemble ministers once per month at a Saturday 6:00 p.m. Mass. Rehearsals are twice monthly on Sunday evenings, and on Saturday before Mass.

The Schola Cantorum is a three and four part choir formed from the cantor ministry and other interested singers. The Schola varies in number according to the music forces needed. There are at least two Schola Cantorums with additional singers from the parish. The Schola sings for Great Solemnity’s of the Church Year.

The Resurrection Choir is a group of singers who lead the music at all funeral masses. The choir rehearses a 1/2 hour before each liturgy. We can always use more people who can read music quickly and have time for this ministry.

The Parish Youth Choir is for young people from grade 3 and up. This ministry includes the children from the parish school, the CCD program and Home School. All children are welcome to participate. The school children will rehearse during their lunch break once and occasionally twice a week. The CCD children have a rehearsal at the end of CCD and will sing at the 11:00 a.m. mass. The school choir program takes place during there lunch break, once a week. Please consider joining. These choirs sing at the Saturday Mass or at the 11:00 a.m. Sunday Mass.

The Intergenerational Choir provides music for Christmastide and Holy Thursday, Good Friday Liturgy, the Great Vigil of Easter, Easter Day, Ascension Day, Pentecost Sunday and Corpus Christi. This group is made up of people from all the above ministries and additional singers from the community at large. Rehearsals are usually four weeks before liturgies. Anyone who is interested is welcome.


We encourage your participation in any of these ministries.  Please consider offering your time to enhance the liturgies at our parish. 

The Parish Musicians:

Tom Podnar, Coordinator of the Contemporary Ministry


If you are interested in being a part of any of these groups, please email or call Ginny Ambrose, Director of Music at, or 724-775-4111 (leave a message with the office).