Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

eucharistic minister

Schedule For:

Jun 2 to Oct 14, 2018 – Ministry Schedule

Guidelines for Eucharistic Ministers

  • Before Mass
    Come to the sacristy at least ten minutes before mass and check in. Ask the priest if you will need to go to the tabernacle at communion time or if we will be consecrating enough hosts for that mass. When mass begins, will be seated with the congregation in the pews.  Please sit toward the front of the church so that you can come to the sanctuary with as little disturbance as possible. When you are to serve at mass, please dress appropriately.


  • During Mass
    After the sign of peace, come in to the sanctuary. At the rite of the breaking of the bread, while we sing the Lamb of God. The Eucharistic Minister nearest the tabernacle (or as arranged before mass) should go to the tabernacle and bring the reserved Blessed Sacrament to the altar if needed. Another minister should bring the cups and purificators to the altar. The priest or deacon will pour the Precious Blood into the cups for distribution.Remain standing at your place until you receive communion. Once you have received, go to your station to distribute the Eucharist. The priest or      deacon will usually assign your station for distributing. If you are distributing the Precious Blood, move far enough away from those distributing the hosts to allow sufficient room for the communion line to      move freely. Also, do not continue to offer the Cup should only a small drop be left in the chalice. Return it to the credence table or to the sacristy.Remember to first offer communion, both Precious Body and Precious Blood, to those seated in the front pews. These sections are reserved for families where a member cannot easily walk to receive communion.The ministers distributing the Blood of Christ will consume whatever remains in their cups, and then take the empty vessels to the sacristy or place them on the credence table. Please consume the remaining Precious Blood in the sacristy or discreetly at the credence table.