What is Stewardship?


Stewardship is the recognition that all we are and possess  are gifts from God. It reminds us to keep God first in all aspects of our  lives.   As the U.S. bishops  remind us in their pastoral letter, “Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response,” we  are obligated by God’s generosity to “receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate  them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them  with increase to the Lord.”

What is a Stewardship Parish?


A stewardship parish is simply a parish made up of believers  who recognize that they own nothing, that they are simply caretakers, stewards  of all God has entrusted to them.   A stewardship parish –

  • Puts God first in all aspects of parish life,  assuring all the parish does is for the glory of God and in response to God’s  generosity.
  • Shares with others the gifts it has been blessed  with
  • Invites, develops and fosters the talents and  skills of its parishioners.
  • Provides opportunities for parishioners to  deepen their relationship with God through prayer, Scripture, liturgies, ministry  participation, and ongoing education.
  • Is open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance for its  ministries, leaders and mission.


How do I begin?


Stewardship is a lifelong journey.  If you are not sure where to begin, prayer is  an excellent place to start.

“Stewardship is a conversion journey of receiving God’s love  and returning love to Him.  A conversion  requires prayer, reflection and time to allow God to show us who we are and the  person of love that we can become. ”  The  Catholic Diocese of Wichita

Do you pray now?  No  matter what your circumstances are –prayer can help.   If you  are not sure of your relationship with God, start with a prayer. If you are too  busy, pray for a break.  If you are too  tired, pray for rest.  There are many  reasons to pray and many ways to do so.   You might pray in the mornings or before bed at night.  You might pray alone or with your  family.  You might pray at church, while  driving, or while relaxing at home.  Prayer  is an excellent way to begin sharing your time – first with God, and then with  others.

What are some ways I might share my time, talent and treasure?


Once you’ve had a chance to reflect on your gifts of time,  talent and treasure that God has blessed you with, it is time to look for ways  to “share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase  to the Lord.”  There are more ways to do  this than you might think.  For example  you might pledge to –

  • Pray or meditate regularly, being open to God’s plan  for you
  • Join a Bible study or prayer group
  • Attend church regularly and participate fully in  the liturgies
  • Ask a loved one for forgiveness or forgive someone  else
  • Contribute to a charity or a special cause
  • Join a parish committee or ministry
  • Visit a sick friend or family member
  • Volunteer to help with a parish project or event
  • Spend more quality time with family and friends
  • Donate regularly to the church using your  offertory envelopes or Faith Direct
  • Offer assistance to a friend or neighbor
  • Volunteer at your children’s school
  • Get to know more people in the parish
  • Give to our Parish Share, Church Beautification  or other special campaign
  • Pray with your children or family members


These are just a few of many ways you might try to give back  to God and those around you.  Start  simple – with just one thing.  Soon you  may find that you can’t wait to add something to your list!

Stewardship Guidebook


This Stewardship Guidebook  has been provided  through the generosity of a Christian Steward and the Stewardship: A Mission of Faith foundation.  Additional copies are available in our church and upon request from our parish office.  If you are a church or organization and you  are interested in requesting multiple copies of this booklet, you are encouraged to contact the Stewardship: A Mission of Faith foundation.  A link to their web site appears below: