Saints Peter and Paul Parish, the first Roman Catholic Parish in Beaver County, Pennsylvania has proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1830.

Then and now, we hold a deep devotion to The Eucharistic Celebration. Grateful to God for the tradition of our predecessors, the wisdom of our senior members and the energy of our young members, we continue to strive to grow in our friendship with Jesus Christ through the celebration of Word and Sacrament.

Mindful of ever-changing times, we endeavor to remain a beacon of Christian faith, welcome and service to one another and to the surrounding community.








Mk 8:27-35


Gal 6:14

May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord
through which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.


Schedule & Intentions for this week’s Masses





Sat.        15

9:00 a.m.             Mark Eschenfelder by the Kullen Family

6:00 p.m.             James Boyle by pat and Jesse Bernardi

Sun.       16          

7:30 a.m.             For the Parishioners

9:15 a.m.             Nancy E. Ruggeri by her Family

11:00 a.m.          Vonnie Kunselman by her Husband           (Anniv)

12:30 p.m.          Mary Pat Kasparek by Susan, Mackenzie, Delaney and Madison Doyle

Mon.     17          

7:30 a.m.             Cynthia Durish by George and Suzanne Harris

Tues.     18          

7:30 a.m.             Dolores Bralkowski by Helen and Bill Byrnes

Wed.     19          

7:30 a.m.             Claire Restaine by Karen and Chuck Malone

7:00 p.m.             John J. Monza by the Paul Rose Family

Thu.       20          

7:30 a.m.             Alfreda Farley by the Kruczek Family

Fri.         21          

9:00 a.m.             Martha Davis by her Family

Sat.        22          

9:00 a.m.             James Ellsworth by Chuck and Karen Malone

2:00 p.m.             NUPTIALS: Powell and Sperdute

6:00 p.m.             John Tress by Patrick, Lynn, Trey and Seth Fronk

Sun.       23          

7:30 a.m.             Alice Bischak by Mike and Family                           

9:15 a.m.             For the Parishioners

11:00 a.m.           Philip Gibson by his Wife

12:30 p.m.          Christine Dominici Danza by Janice, Carol and the Dominici Family



Learn Jesus. Love Jesus. Live Jesus. To be On Mission for The Church Alive! means quite simply that we need to be excited about our faith. We need to be excited about our relationship with Jesus, we need to be eager to show it and we need to be eager to share it.

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